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Our Curriculum

At Broad Chalke our curriculum offer combines broad and challenging subject knowledge with learning skills that help prepare our children for the next stage of their education and life beyond our school. 

Our bespoke curriculum promotes our school vision and Christian values and is creative and engaging for our children. We utilise termly umbrella themes which offer collaborative opportunities for all year groups and our school community. 

Broad Chalke Umbrella Theme


We deliver our curriculum through knowledge-centred lessons and enquiry-based learning.  Our curriculum drivers help to shape our curriculum year-on-year and ensure our offer is specific to our individual children at Broad Chalke. 


Reading is front and central in the school. We aim to inspire pupils to develop a love of reading and interest in books from all genres. Our progressive planning prioritises the development of reading skills from novice to expert supporting pupils to become independent, fluent readers.

We support pupils with their social, emotional and interpersonal skills and provide opportunities for them to share ideas, beliefs and knowledge effectively and accurately. Having the skills to speak up and believe in yourself has a positive impact on pupil wellbeing


We believe if pupils are supported with their wellbeing and develop good mental health, they are more likely to be able to cope with challenges and show an increase in resilience. When pupils feel more positive, they are more open to new ideas, creativity and change, making them more effective and innovative in the classroom.


Teaching children to have cultural awareness from a very early age is the best way forward to crack those stereo types and help prevent racism and bullying. We actively seek opportunities to develop children’s knowledge and understanding of different cultures and beliefs from around the world.

As a close-knit community, we understand our relationships with each other within the school and beyond plays a crucial role in children’s education. A strong community provides a supportive and inclusive environment that helps children grow their social and emotional skills and develop a strong sense of belonging.


"Emotionally, kids who feel more hopeful have higher self-esteem, believe in themselves more, and feel a stronger sense of purpose and meaning in life" (Bryce et al., 2020; Fraser et al., 2022).

"Hope can offset poor mental health such as depression and anxiety" (Fraser et al., 2021; Fraser et al., 2022). 

At Broad Chalke we are still seeing the impact of Covid-19 which has impacted our families across the community in a number of ways. We seek opportunities to inspire and develop hope and aspiration in our pupils through a range of enrichment opportunities, experiences, collaborations and targeted teaching. One of our core school values is now hope.


Helping children to develop a greater sense of responsibility for their behaviour, learning and attitudes is training for life and will support them in school and in the future. Having a sense of responsibility is a quality which shows up in every area of life. People who are responsible do what they say they are going to do. They are the kind of people you can count on to come through for you. You can trust them. The ultimate goal of the virtue of responsibility is to raise young people who show self-control, self-discipline, self-management and self-regulation. Through our Christian ethos we also encourage our children to take responsibility for others and we develop young leaders within the school to share their voice and the voice of their peers to make impactful decisions, actions and changes.