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Our Vision and Values

"We serve one another in love"

As a church school we are inspired by the life and work of JESUS. 

Our inspiration comes from Luke 10v27. 

Within this passage, from Luke, Jesus challenges an expert in the law who was testing Him. 

He answered, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind; and you must love your neighbour as yourself."

When teaching others, Jesus often spoke in parables. He used these short stories to explain a concept or challenge religious thinking. Jesus told the story of the good Samaritan in response to a question about "Who is my neighbour then?"

 The parable of the Good Samaritan is a brilliant example of choosing to serve and love others, whatever the sacrifice or cost. 

Parable of The Good Samaritan

At Broad Chalke, we use this parable to help us understand and live out our values. 

Our Values: Respect, Resilience, Hope and Love


The Good Samaritan showed respect for all living things and, with nurture, was able to help the injured man. The parable makes it clear we are all valuable and we should treat one another with care and RESPECT.

The Samaritan wasn't hindered by the differences in belief, culture or background between him and the injured man: he simply had a heart to make a difference and respected the man as a part of God's creation. The Good Samaritan was willing to cross political, racial, cultural and social barriers and risk prejudices and the fear of the unknown because he saw someone with need and he had the resources to meet the need. 

The Broad Chalke Way- We choose to respect others in words and actions


When things are a challenge, we can be resilient and offer love and support to others. The Samaritan refused to give up despite the challenges he faced. His driving force was to do the right thing. He also didn't just patch up the man, he put him on a donkey, took him to an inn and was willing to pay two days' wages to support his recovery. He also promised to pay further expenses when he came back. 

Despite the challenges, the Samaritan showed resilience and was determined to show love and support. . 

The Broad Chalke Way- We choose to adapt and grow


The Good Samaritan is a parable of HOPE. The context of the Bible chapter starts with a person asking Jesus how to achieve eternal life. 

The hope for the injured man faded away as the religious people let him down. The Good Samaritan provided hope for the injured man by helping him and providing wages for him. We all need hope in order to look ahead and keep going. 

The Broad Chalke Way- We choose to bring hope and dream big


The Good Samaritan was moved in his soul by the need in front of him.  When he saw the stranger he didn't look away. He was compelled by compassion and love. The Samaritan was aware of the dangers and inconvenience but wanted to put the injured man first- he was selfless and showed compassion and love.

The Broad Chalke Way- We choose to show love and compassion

Our Ethos 

As a church of England School our Christian vision and core values: Respect, Resilience, Hope and Love help to shape our warm, friendly and inclusive ethos.

  • We aim to nurture the Christian faith and spirituality through an understanding of Christian beliefs and theology and help develop a reflective approach to life through our school provision and opportunities
  • We aim to promote an ethos which embeds positive behaviour based on respect, resilience, hope and love in a caring, loving and secure environment where all gifts and talents are celebrated.
  • We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum enriched with quality learning experiences. Ambitious learning and risk taking are promoted and learning made exciting and memorable. The school endeavours to provide a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities and high-quality enrichment opportunities to further enhance provision.
  • We aim to provide an environment where independence, responsibility and respect for oneself and others, are nurtured, thereby preparing each pupil for life and work beyond school as responsible citizens in a multicultural and diverse, democratic society where prejudice and discrimination are not tolerated.
  • We aim to ensure that teaching and learning is inclusive and focused on individual pupils' attainment, abilities and needs, thereby maximising success.
  • We aim to serve our community and enter into a purposeful partnership with adults and children associated with the school for the benefit of all.