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Wellbeing for Pupils

At Broad Chalke Primary School we are committed to supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of our pupils.  We recognise that everyone experiences life challenges that make us vulnerable and, at times, anyone may need emotional support. We know overall wellbeing enhances motivation, decreases disciplinary problems, increases academic achievement and leads to the flourishing of individuals. Simply put, those who feel better can learn better.

We recognise the importance of enabling pupils to be resilient and supporting good mental health and wellbeing.  We aim to develop children’s coping skills and to support them when they face challenges. 

As a school we aim to ensure:

  • All children feel valued
  • Children have the sense of belonging and feel safe
  • Children are empowered to acknowledge and understand their emotions and feelings
  • Children feel comfortable sharing any concerns or worries
  • We promote self-esteem and ensure children know that they count
  • We actively encourage children to be confident
  • Children are helped to develop emotional resilience and to manage setbacks
  • Children are helped socially to form and maintain relationships

 To support the emotional well-being needs of our school, we are fortunate to have two trained ELSAs (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants). Our ELSAs have received training and receive ongoing supervision from an Educational Psychologist. Mrs Lott and Mrs Thorne support our pupils with their emotional wellbeing on a one-to-one basis or through a targeted group support e.g. Lego Therapy. through a 6 week cycle of session pupils are offered a bespoke programme focus e.g. managing emotions, self esteem, bereavement and empathy.

From April 2023 we will have two members of staff who are trained in 'Drawing and Talking'. Through a 12-week cycle of sessions this non-intrusive tool allows children and young people to bring what they need to their sessions. Utilising drawing as a way to help them express their feelings differently in ordinary verbal language. The Drawing and Talking therapeutic approach allows individuals to discover and communicate emotions through a non-directed technique.

We also offer additional nurture opportunities to support wellbeing across the school. These include:

Crumble Time

Our School dog, Crumble, is in school every Thursday. Pupils are offered 'Crumble Time' where they have the opportunity to spend time stroking, brushing, walking, chatting and reading to Crumble (and her handler Mrs Dean!). School staff also enjoy Crumble cuddles! 

Kitchen Nurture

Our wonderful kitchen team, led by head chef Mrs Tribbeck, offer 4 weeks of kitchen nurture where pupils have the opportunity to wear full chef outfits and spend time in the kitchen chatting and helping to prepare the school lunch. This wellbeing opportunity helps pupils to share any worries in an informal and positive environment and gives them a sense of purpose and achievement.

"Kitchen nurture is an innovative, positive and impactful development which affords pupils the opportunity to enhance their wellbeing through talking and preparing foods for lunchtime. These sessions in the school kitchen, with school kitchen staff, are having a very positive impact, identified by one pupil who stated, ‘I feel better and more positive when I leave the kitchen, it’s a good time for me.’ It is evidence that this unique provision could develop the pupils’ spiritual flourishing."   Diocesan Adviser (February 2023)

Ready to Shine

This is a ELSA led morning club which starts at 8.30am-8.50am and is an intervention which supports a small group of pupils who struggle with the transition from home into school. During the club, children engage in craft and practical activities which provide them with a calm and purposeful start to the day which then help them enter the classroom 'ready to learn'.



Our new Broad Chalke Primary School nurture room

1:1 Mentoring

 We are proud to have developed a strong relationship with The Bridge Youth Project, a local Christian charity who support schools. As part of their pastoral service, they offer 1:1 mentoring with our pupils. During sessions Sarah, our Chaplain, focuses on one particular area of mental health and wellbeing for example; managing emotions or developing a positive mindset. Currently, some of our Year 6 children are benefitting from these sessions as they approach their transition to Secondary School. 

Sarah, from The Bridge

Sarah, from The Bridge

Useful links:

ChildLine is the UK’s free, confidential helpline for children and young people. They offer advice and support, by phone and online, 24 hours a day. Telephone 0800 1111

ChildLine Calm Zone focuses upon breathing exercises, activities, games and videos to help let go of stress.

MindEd is a free educational resource providing education about children and young people, adults and older people’s mental health for all adults

YoungMinds are a UK leading charity fighting for children and young people's mental health.